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Turn your android phone / tablet computer into a professional network tool to monitor servers and web sites. Eliminated phones, tablets can also use it! Easily view all server / site status in the same interface Check the server / site status details View server / site status charts Add contacts to server / site


Ensure optimal business performance by addressing website issues before they turn into critical problems

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About Us

When your Business is banking on your website, it is important that you keep your website up and running at all times. In the ideal world websites and applications should run 24x7 without interruptions, slowdowns and crashes. But the reality of the situation is quite different, web glitches and malfunctions are a part of the internet lifecycle.
We cannot avoid it, but with an e-notification system such as WebApps 24x7 you can get instant notifications and alerts in the event of website non-performance, errors or slowdowns.

  • WebApps 24x7 is free and available for all to use on Android devices. It’s the latest, hottest and freely available website monitoring service.

  • The system performs a “web performance” check every 1 minute and in-case is your website is down or slow, it generates an “alert” via SMS and notifications can be sent to any number of people.

  • Apart from alerts, the system also generates website uptime performance reports helping businesses to monitor and ensure optimum website performance

  • Global website monitoring stations assess your website performance from different locations across the globe.

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